capacidad-idiomasThere are factors that affect learning a foreign language. It’s important that we attempt to understand the language even though we don’t have sufficient knowledge. It’s important to try to understand the language and, whenever possible, try to practice what we’ve learned, searching for the structures of the language. Never feeling stupid or defeated when we make mistakes will help us reach our objective

They say that extroverted people are more sociable and open, characteristics associated with an active mind and ideal for learning a foreign language. But introverted people equally look for internal motivation and have a much higher ability to concentrate and understand, such that success in learning a language doesn’t depend so much on character as does enthusian and dedication.

The differences among individuals and their way of studying languages represents a challenge when they leave the classroom and confront the language spoken in the country where they are studying.

Students must have a positive attitude and enough motivation to process what they’ve been taught. They must see the new language as an instrument for obtaining and end, which is to gain knowledge.

Our Spanish school in Spain will help you. We have the responsibility to design the proper methods to carry out a teaching-learning process, complying with the process of education.

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